от на окт..20, 2021, под Ученици

All students from 8 to 11 grade in three high schools in Kocani, Ludbreg, Pazardzhik and Limassol are eligible to participate in this transnational competition.
Students will work in teams each consisted of 3 (three) participants. Minimum number of students’ teams per school is 6 (six) teams, maximum number is not limited.

Topic of the competition

Within the planned teams competitive event the students’ teams will participate in activities by using of the free online available education resources in Virtual Reality (VR) by using of the newly provided VR equipment (VR headsets for using of the mobile phones), as well as by using of the Stand-alone VR headsets and newly developed VR-based educational software (based on the “escape room” concept) related with the following school subjects:  Mathematics, Physics, English language, Chemistry and  Geography.

Mentoring process

Students’ teams will work under a mentoring process with one of the following Teachers/Mentors:Diana Dzhukelova

1.Diana Dzhukelova
2.Gargana Kraeva
3.Elena Yakimova

Application process

Each three students from secondary schools that will be ready to participate in activities as one students’ team, can inform one of the Teachers Mentors for their interest until 15:00 h on 22.10.2021. After this deadline no further expressing of interest by students will be allowed.

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